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2018 Accreditation Applications

  • 24 Jun 2018
  • 11:30 PM
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By registering you agree that you have read and and agree to abide by the accreditation information on this website and accept the decisions of the accreditation committee. You also agree that your application will be a true and fair representation of your work and career and that you are the author of the photographic work submitted.
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If you have been a full member for more than three years it might be time to think about NZCS Accreditation.  You'll need to have reached a level of world-class visual storytelling expertise that reaches past professional competence and into the top level of cinematography in your chosen field. 

NZCS accreditation means recognition in the international camera community as a master cinematographer with a substantive body of work that reaches a consistently high, world-class standard.  To find out more read our NZCS accreditation overview. 

Accredited members are the only people who are allowed to use the letters NZCS after their name.

2018 accreditations will be awarded at the New Zealand Cinematography Awards dinner in October. (The judging process is completely separate from the New Zealand Cinematography Awards).

To apply, download and complete the application form, and  submit your application, supporting documents and media to the address provided.  

If you want help or advice please email

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