Guide to accreditation applications

This guide is for NZCS full members who are applying for NZCS accreditation and explains what you have to do to complete the application.

How to apply

  1. Familiarise yourself with the NZCS Accreditation information.
  2. Log on on this site go to the events page. Note: if you are not logged in or are not a Cinematographer member you will not see this event. 
  3. Register your application and pay the application fee online of $275 (inc GST). If, when you made a previous application, you were invited to reapply later, and less than two years have elapsed, email prior to registering and the fee will be waived.   
  4. After registering prepare your show reel and copies of productions.
  5. Download and complete the spreadsheet application template and email the form, supporting documents, and private Vimeo links to If you do not have your own Vimeo account, you are welcome to upload to the private NZCS Vimeo account.



For details of eligibility and the body of work required see NZCS Accreditation Overview

Evaluation of applications

You should enter a wide range of your best work, so that your submission truly reflects the breadth of your range and skill across a variety of challenges. The application form offers an brief opportunity to highlight any particular challenges, or other aspects of the production you wish to draw to the committee’s attention.

Application documents required

The following supporting documents should be emailed to

  1. A spreadsheet template listing productions or Application form.PDF
  2. A full and up to date CV in PDF format

Content required

You will need to supply:
  1. A showreel demonstrating the range of your body of work. This reel can be up to 10 minutes in duration or can be a Vimeo or website gallery.
  2. Copies of three long form projects such as features, TV films, TV episodes, feature-length documentaries. If your work is in shorter genres such as commercials, music videos, or current affairs segments, supply copies of at least ten projects. Submission by Vimeo link is preferred. USBs, DVDs and Blue-rays are not accepted.
  3. If you are struggling to obtain footage, but can provide details on where to view on a streaming platform, please send information on this through.

Media submission format

Examples of work should be submitted as a Vimeo link.

Recommended settings to get the maximum quality upload for Vimeo.

Bitrate Encoding VBR, 2 pass
Target Bitrate [Mbps]

720p HD video: 4 - 10 Mbps (max 10 Mbps)

1080p HD video: 10 - 20 Mbps (max 20 Mbps)

SD video: 2 - 5 Mbps (max 5 Mbps)

Audio Codec AAC Sample Rate 48000 Hz
Channels  Stereo
Audio Quality  High


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