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Here you will find Professional Development on-line videos, and links to groups and video resources 

Webinar # 4 - A conversation with an on-line panel of women in film , from Sunday 28th March 2021 - with cinematographers Dale Elena McCready NZCS, Tammy Williams, Victoria Evans, Ginny Loane NZCS and director Vea Mafile'o   1 hr 27 min - moderated by Bayley Broome-Peake.

Webinar # 3 - Denson Baker, NZCS, ACS discusses his recent work on the UK/NZ TV series "The Luminaries", including a most informative Keynote presentation with look books, design drawings, camera tests, film clips, and behind the scenes stills.  1hr 13m Moderated by Donny Duncan NZCS

Webinar# 2 - Conversation with David Paul NZCS - An approach to shooting medium budget NZ feature-length television productions - 1hr10 min - moderated by Donny Duncan NZCS - 

David will delve into how to tell local stories and achieve great results with cinematic style and ingenuity, and how to make the most of a sometimes challenging budget.  Highlights of David’s career in the early 2000’s included Wellingotn based TV series The Tribe, the Insiders Guide to Love  and The Insiders Guide to Happiness where he developed a solid reputation for innovative and ground-breaking cinematography.  One of his favourite telemovies to shoot was “Until Proven Innocent” (2009) -  a local tele-feature about the David Dougherty case. Other standouts were the “ Tangiwai" (2011)  tele -feature about the train disaster, and then "Field Punishment #1" ( 2014) - the Archie Baxter conscientious objector story.  2016 saw David shoot the “Hillary”  tv series and “Doubt: the Scot Watson Case” which all received critical acclaim.  Why Does Love” about the NZ band the Exponents was a great chance in 2017 for David to pursue different looks for different eras, and the tv movie “Kiwi” about a racehorse was one of the highlights of 2018.

This is just a snapshot of the amazing contribution David has made to telling compelling NZ stories for a NZ audience. Often producing amazing results with scant resources compared to international productions, David Paul NZCS will talk about the technical and emotive approach to his favourite shows and answer questions in a casual forum. 

Webinar #1 : Dave Garbett's Tips and Tricks for filming car dialogue scenes in a studio setting using rear projection. 

As Director of Photography on TV shows such as Legend of the Seeker, Spartacus, Atlantis, 800 Words, The Bad Seed, Ash vs Evil Dead, two feature films, numerous short films and 2nd Unit roles, Dave Garbett has amassed a wealth of experience and has volunteered to share some of that knowledge in an informal web Q&A session. 

The subject Dave has chosen to launch with is the art of shooting convincing travelling vehicle interior dialogue scenes in cheated studio or "process" situations. This will include night scenes, dynamic light sources, rear projection and green screen techniques. Through many years of trial and error Dave has come up with some creative approaches that may save you some of the hard work he has gone through by experimentation, in the past.

Moderator Donny Duncan NZCS will also discuss low budget techniques used in a night car chase sequence in the movie "Snakeskin" and Key Grip Tony Keddy talks about the opposite extreme - capturing convincing cheated driving scenes set in Hong Kong for the movie "Ghost in the Shell" where budget was not an issue.

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